September 16, 2020

on current events

Apple is testing Express store concept for easy pickup of online orders, due to Covid-19.

The UA has a Covid-19 Dashboard with testing Results.

The USA also recommends Test, Trace, Treat and recommend Covid Watch, the free app we discussed in our last meeting.

As a reminder, here is the Apple/Google Exposure Notification FAQ Document. Recall that with the release of 13.7 a couple of weeks ago, this no longer requires any app, it's embedded in iOS and the user can optionally enable it.

Tucson is adjusting for a long(er) haul. Many businesses, restaurants and venues are making plans with the expectation that life with Covid will keep us socially distant for a while. For example:

The Arizona Friends of Chamber Music has been around for over 60 years. They now offer their new season (October - April next year) as an all-virtual experience.

The Arizona Theatre Company has put together a Digital Season.

The Center for Creative Photography has events and lectures offered virtually via streaming.

The UA Center for Fine Arts has many virtual events.

The annual Tucson Car Classic show has been canceled due to Covid-19 but our own iPUG members Kandie and Drew invite all those interested to buy a $5 raffle ticket which help charities: `All net proceeds go to Make Way for Books, helping kids and families read to succeed, and PIMA JTED’s Innovative Learning Center, training for the jobs of tomorrow today.' You can get as many raffle tickets as you wish. The raffle gives you a chance to win a Corvette or $15K or many other prizes.

Apple and iOS news

Yes, it happened! Apple held a September event yesterday.

Here is the whole event (about an hour long). Also on YouTube, and it's chapterized so you can jump around if you prefer.

Here is a nice summary from MacRumours: Everything Apple Announced.

If you want the shorter video version, here it is:

new Watches

Apple unveiled 2 new watches: Series 6 and the SE. The older model Series 3 will also be available as a new watch for purchase.

Here is a roundup of Appel Watch.

Compare the Watch models.

Apple also introduced new watch bands.

Here's the new Watch ad:


Apple introduced Fitness+ a new fitness training program for Apple Watch users. The new fitness service is built around the Apple Watch with the “world’s best trainers.”

Some workouts will require no equipment. They will also include classes for beginners. Fitness+ music playlists are created and can be saved. 10 Studio workouts to start.

Apple's Fitness+ page.

Fitness+ will be free for 3 months for new Watch purchases. The subscription is available to all for $10/month (it's month to month, with cancellation any time) or $80/year.

Just as Apple was announcing Fitness+ this happened:


Apple also announced One a subscription service that combines everything into one. There are three tiers: $15/mo, $20/mo, and $30/mo, tailored to the needs of each person or family.

This is coming soon, this fall. Those who pay with Apple card get #5 back.

new iPads

Apple also announced two new iPads: the iPad (8th generation) and the new iPad Air.

Here is the new iPad (8th Gen).

Here is the new iPad Air (4th gen) .

Compare iPad models to decide what is best for you. Note this page lets you compare older models as well.

Here are all current iPad models in one page.

iOS 14

As of around 12 noon today, iOS 14 has been released. :-) Here is where you can start:

All devices that support iOS 14.

A thorough overview of iOS 14 by MacRumors. Reading this alone will give you most of what you need.

watchOS 7

Today, Apple released watchOS 7. It comes with many goodies, including new watch faces:

watchOS 7 introduces a new Sleep app, hand-washing detection with a 20' timer.

watchOS7 also introduces Family Setup. This lets family members, such as kids or elderly adults, have their own Apple Watch without the requirement to have an iPhone. This enables a parent or a guardian to communicate and track a family member they need to care for or supervise.

Multiple watches can be paired with a single iPhone. Family setup will enable the guardian/parents to get location info, make/receive calls, and more. Requires a cellular Watch.

These apps offer Homecreen widgets, app clips, and more, reports 9to5Mac.

DuckDuckGo can be set as default browser in iOS14.

iOS 14 offers the Apple research app which lets you participate in health research studies, while protecting your privacy.

Cheatsheet notes app has been updated to offer iCloud sync across devices (their new pro version for $5/year). The app continues to be free for their non-pro version.

Olga continues to recommend Dialup (a.k.a. Quarantine Chat), the free app that lets you connect anonymously with random people around the world. Olga reported on her recent discussions: an artist / UI designer from NYC, a man from South Korea, and a retired educator from San Francisco.

online learning

AirBnB normally offers rentals as an alternative to a hotel when you travel. They also offer `Experiences' where locals give you a tour or a taste of something when you travel to another city`or country. With Covid-19 restrictions, AirBnB now offers remote experiences. Olga joined 2 recently and recommends them:

Secret Phone Tricks by a NatGeo Winner. Jonathan is from Spain and offers this 1-hour online class on iPhone photography tips & tricks. He has won a National Geographic award and is a master's student in digital photography editing. (Charge was $2/person.)

A young couple in Marrakech, Morocco offer a cooking class for 90 minutes. Cooking with a Moroccan Family. Brahim describes and narrates while Sana prepares and cooks and demonstrates how to make a simple chicken (or vegetarian) tagine. You have a personalized and enjoyable discussion and you end up wth a delicious dinner. (Charge was $14/person.)


Kara Swisher interviews David Kaye on How the Saudis hacked Jeff Bezos’ phone. Description: David Kaye, the special rapporteur for freedom of opinion and expression at the United Nations, talks with Recode's Kara Swisher about the hacking of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' phone by the Saudi Arabian government; why it’s easier than ever for governments to suppress information spread by journalists and dissidents; and the inherent danger of internet companies and governments collecting massive amounts of data about us.

Toolkit: Testing 1, 2, 3 is a recent podcast episode of `In the Bubble' by Andy Slavitt. Description: `This toolkit episode is all about Covid-19 testing with Michael Mina, Harvard infectious disease specialist and laboratory director, and Robby Sikka, who helped develop the SalivaDirect test with the NBA in partnership with Yale University. Andy asks these experts your email and voicemail questions about the new wave of tests on the horizon, their reliability, how they work, when to get tested, plus some potential new creative at-home tests.  What would you name an at-home sewage test? '

tips & tricks

Apple's iPad tip on How to capture a whole page and create an image or a PDF.


Apple Watch is many things but it has a primary role in health and fitness. And according to a cardiac surgeon, The Most Important Apple Watch Ring to Close Every Day is your exercise ring. `By completing the exercise ring, you’re helping maintain not only your cardiovascular health, but also promoting your overall wellbeing, mental sharpness, self-esteem and other cascading benefits. When our heart is firing on all cylinders, the rest of your body tends to follow its lead.`

Apple's intro to the new watches emphasized the health benefits: