October 2019

Apple's September announcements

Apple held a special event on Sept 10 with many announcements. You can watch the whole keynote here, it's 1:42 minutes:

Here is Apple's own 2-minute fun summary of their September keynote:

Alternatively, you can see what Apple announced in 7 minutes, summarized by MacRoumors:

Apple Arcade is a subscription gaming service, starting Sept 19. Available to families. First month free, $4.99/mo beyond that.

Apple TV+ is another new subscription service, starting Nov 1. It's $4.99/mo, with a 7-day free trial. However, it's free for a year, if you purchase a new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple TV.2

Apple has set the Release Dates for Apple TV+ Movies 'The Banker,' 'Hala,' and 'The Elephant Queen', reports Macrumors.

October event?

[ RUMOR ] It is rumored / expected that Apple might hold an October event 16-Inch MacBook Pro, iPad Pro Refresh, and More?

iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and Pro Max

Apple released the new iPhone 11 and the Pro and Pro Max.

Compare the new iPhone 11 models.

New ad for iPhone Pro's 3-camera system:

The new iPhone 11 has been drop-tested by CNET. They conclude: `We put both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro through a series of drops to see if they would survive. Turns out, they're a lot tougher than we thought.' Watch the tests:

A new (computational photography) feature on iPhone 11 is Night Mode. Here is everything about Night Mode in the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.

Comparing cameras: iPhone 11 Pro Max vs XS Max.

iPhone 11 review by ArsTechnica: The most attractive choice in Apple’s best lineup in years.

The Verge reviews iPhone 11: THE BATTERY LIFE IS REAL And the best camera you can get on a phone, they write.

Camera review of the 11 Pro model by a pro photographer. He writes, `the 11 Pro camera is the best smartphone camera package around.' He gives may examples and also highlights how pro photographers will have a learning curve to understand how the iPhone automatically adjusts and corrects to improve most photos.

Another pro photographer, Austin Mann, reviews the iPhone 11 camera by taking it on a trip to China. He conclusion is astute, giving Apple high marks about balancing art and technology.

new iPad

The new iPad Apple announced in September.

Apple Watch

Here is the new Watch Series 5.

You can compare the models.

Here is Apple's overview intro to Series 5:

Here is a more informative look at Series 5 by Macrumors:

The WSJ review of Apple Watch Apple Watch Series 5: The Best Smartwatch Is Now a Watch. (Note that most of the article is behind a subscription wall, but it's worth watching the fun video overview of fall detection.)

The rest of the WSJ review above includes: `I've already found the always-on helpful in some situations. When racing through the airport, for example, coffee in one hand, roller-bag handle in the other, I could glance down at my arm to see if I had time to grab a snack. When running, I found the dimmer, optimized version of the Workout app great for tracking my pace… I have so far used the trusty compass, enabled by the watch’s new magnetometer, just once. I was coming out of the subway and wanted to make sure I was headed in the right direction. The Series 5 (like the Series 4) is another refinement of the best smartwatch you can buy.'


Here video on iPadOS with 9 tips and tricks:

iOS 13

iOS 13 includes Memoji, of course. Apple has a brief video on Memoji makeup:

Here are 8 tips to get started with iOS 13:

The Reminders app in iOS 13 has had a significant update. Fair warning: if you decide to accept the iCloud version after you upgrade, the app requires ALL your devices to be on the latest version of OS in order to sync across all devices. Here is Apple's info on Reminders and upgrades

Here is an overview of the updated Reminders app in iOS 13:

Apple Maps in iOS 13: Collections, Favorites, Look Around, and More.

Here is a nice overview of iOS 13 new features, by MacRumors.

other news

Apple wins United Nations Climate Action Award for use of 100% renewable energy.

[ RUMOR ] Apple is said to be developing a Tile-like competitor. This accessory will help users keep track of their personal items such as their keys, wallets, and backpacks, according to an internal build of iOS 13, seen by MacRumors.

Roger H. tells us about Adapt, a podcast about iPads.

iOS apps

Mobile Passport is the best-kept secret in air travel, writes The Washington Post. They write: `Mobile Passport seems to be under the radar for many Americans traveling internationally. The service gives travelers access to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection express lane, getting you through to baggage claim in minutes.’

Olga has started evaluating Journi, an app for documenting or blogging about your travels and optionally sharing your updates with friends. You can also use it for printing books after you return from your trip.

Curb Appeal is an app for improving your photos for a very specific purpose: HDR Real Estate Camera for MLS and Airbnb property listings.

Journey is a game. It invites you to explore ancient and mysterious worlds. Play alone or in the company of a fellow traveler and explore its vast world together. With beautiful visuals and a Grammy-nominated musical score, `Journey delivers a breathtaking experience like no other.''

tips & tricks

Are you planning to share your iPad or iPhone? For example, you have a visitor who needs to use your device but you would rather limit their use? Enter Kiosk mode. Here is how to do it. Olga highly recommends this feature.

Olga described what happened when her iPhone's Spotlight index (apparently) got corrupted. Simple spotlight searches became extremely slow, searches in Settings were impossibly slow (sometimes they never completed) and battery life tanked. Eventually, only a complete erase and restoration from a backup fixed this.

gadgets & accessories

Bernie got a new iPhone 11 Pro Max and he recommends his new indestructible case.

Moment continues to make high quality lenses for iPhones. They offer new cases for iPhone 11 to attach the lenses to the new iPhones.

A handheld flash gives iPhone photos studio pop, writes CultofMac in their review of the Xenon Flash.

Lumu Light is a professional light meter as an accessory to the iPhone.


Apple Pay has been extended with the release of Apple Card.

Here is info on Apple card. You get cash back for all purchases: 3% for any Apple product, 2% when used via Apple pay, and 1% when used a traditional credit card.

privacy & security

Here is Sign in with Apple: What It Is and How It Works.