May 7, 2024

iOS and Apple news

Earlier today, Apple held a special event (38 mins):

Here is Apple's overview of the announcements: new iPad Pro, new iPad Air, and a new Apple Pencil Pro.

Here is a thorough summary of all that Apple introduced today:

A view of the current iPad lineup, as of today's announcements.

Apple's intro to the new iPad Pro, with Ultra Retina XDR and the first-ever M4 chip:

Apple introduces the M4 chip:

Apple's new iPad Pro & Procreate app:

Are you confused by the Apple Pencil options? Here is a Buyer's Guide for Apple Pencil.

Also Apple announced that the new Final Cut Pro transforms video creation with Live Multicam on iPad and new AI features on Mac.

Finally, Apple announced tha the new Logic Pro takes music-making to the next level with new AI features, on iPad and Mac.

Remember the news story about the Boeing aircraft, the hole that blew open during flight and the iPhone that fell out and survived? Well, this inspired WSJ's Joanna Stern to do some testing of her own. She dropped iPhones and Samsung phones from 3 feet, 30 feet, and 300ft. Take a look:

photography & video

If you are interested in improving the basics of your video with iPhone, consider the short online lesson. This was released a couple of years ago, but it's still applicable on the fundamentals: Shooting with Your Phone: Apps & Settings with Caleb Babcock. `Moment's Head Filmmaker Caleb Babcock walks you through how to get the best exposure in multiple environments. You'll learn the best settings to use to take full advantage of your phone's camera, and which apps can help you get the perfect shot.'

iOS apps

Roger S. points us to some excellent Safari features on iPhone, by Stephen Robles:

Apple has acknowledged there is a problem with its native alarm feature on iPhone: Not just you: iPhone wake-up alarms are failing to go off, reports Cult of Mac. As an alternative, consider Alarmy. This is an alarm app on steroids. Olga reported trying it the past 3 weeks.


Recall that Wiser Than Me won Best Podcast of the year last year. Now it has started its 2nd season. Julia Louis-Dreyfus interviews women in their 70's, 80's, and 90's about life and the wisdom they have accumulated. The interviews are wise, funny and often irreverent. Julia Gets Wise with Ina Garten. On this episode of Wiser Than Me, Julia gets enlightened by 76-year-old cook and author Ina Garten. From working on nuclear policy at the White House and operating her famous specialty food store Barefoot Contessa, to penning best-selling books and hosting hit TV shows – Ina has done it all. Her culinary influence goes beyond technique; it's about simplicity and connection. Ina shares how aging has changed her taste in food and how she deals with passive-aggressive people.

tips & tricks

It's not just you: iPhone wake-up alarms are failing to go off, reports CultOfMac. Apple is working on a fix. A possible tip to help you cope in the meantime: Turn off attention-awareness (Accessibility > FaceID & Attention). Another option might be to use a 3rd party app. See apps section of today's iPUG.

gadgets & accessories

Manta SOUND Sleep Mask is an eye and ear mask to help you get into deep sleep. It has bluetooth for connecting to your iPhone or any BT device for streaming music, white noise, or any audio that helps you relax and fall asleep. Reviews indicate it's good for travel or home use. It's designed to be comfortable even for side sleepers. This offers its own white nosie options, or you can pair it with an iOS app via BT.

Remember that iOS offers background sounds, including rain, ocean, and others, to help counter environmental noise or to help you relax. Additionally Noisli and myNoise are apps that offer beautiful sounds and a very wide array of choices.

Olga recently got this Foldable Magnetic Wireless Foldable Charger that is super compact and charges your iPhone, Watch, and AirPods Pro all at once. It's great for traveling. It's the same one that Bernie reported about in our last iPUG meeting.


Apple Plans Apple Watch Activity Challenge for World Meditation Day on May 21, reports Macrumors.

next iPUG meeting

Recall that the WWDC is scheduled for June 10-14, and the Keynote is Monday June 10. Our next iPUG meeting can be on Tuesday, June 4 or 11. Preferences?