These gadgets are in no particular order, but they represent items that at least some iPUG users have tried, liked, use, and recommend(ed). Got a favorite app you want to highlight? Send us a note!

Reminder: There are many gadgets for the home. We strongly recommend choosing ones that are fully compliant with Apples HomeKit for security, privacy, and usability considerations.

iDevices offers very nice smart switches and other controls foro power and lights for the house.

New website HomeKitty was created to crowdsource all accessories that support the HomeKit protocol all in one place.

Polaroid Zip is a nice mobile printer for your iPhone or iPad.

Cube is a portable color digitizer: copy exact colors.

The Smove smartphone stabilizer stabilizes your iPhone for stills and video.

For professional photography or videography, the Lumu Power turns the iPhone into a light meter. For a less expensive and more limited version, consider Luxi.


Wrappers are high quality sleeves for iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks, handmade in the UK. They offer sleeves made of felt, Alcantara (a man-made suede-like fabric made in Italy), as well as linen/fabric sleeves. All are lined.